The best way to fix your xbox 360

James Dean 3 Red light fix


By far James Deans guide blows away the competition, if there is anything that you want before you take your XBOX 360 apart is an assurance that it’s going to work, you don’t want a maybe or even a 60% guarantee, you want to be as close as you can to being absolutely sure that it’s going to work or else, what’s the point right?

With James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro Repair guide by James Dean you get just that: An Insurance Policy!

His guide comes with a “DUAL STAGE” process that ensured I got my XBOX 360 Repaired no matter what!

James easy to follow walkthroughs ensured that every small detailed was covered., From the Disassembly Process through the Final Stage known as the THE 3 Red Light ASSASSIN

Assassinate my 3 red lights it did…

One of the great features James Deans guide has is his 720P High Definition Videos that stream right to your computer with no lag what’s so ever! James videos completely blew away his competition on all fronts which in my opinion are:

  • Quality – Video streamed at 2,893 KB from our west coast office and 3,112KB from our east coast office.

  • Detailed, Easy Instructions – When taking apart an expensive machine like this, precise instructions are a must! I got just that, but what really blew me away was how it easy it was…

  • Audio – Crystal clear digital quality sound!

  • Streaming Speed – It is important to get a good stream of video in order to see them crystal clear. Unlike other company guide we reviewed, James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro Repair Guide did not have any pixilation of any kind! Perfect- silky clear video stream across all 10 videos.

The tools I used to disassemble my Xbox were simply a screw driver and a paper clip, nothing fancy. To compliment His Video Tutorials is there Picture rich e-book that goes into even further detail in case you run into a snag. I found that watching the videos were more than enough though.

Along with his guide he provides you with 2 special bonuses which are (SPOLIER WARNING)

  • XBOX 360 Game Ripping Guide – I couldn’t believe it actually worked!


  • How to make money buying and repairing XBOX 360 with the Ring Of Death! – I actually used this information to sell my other 2 XBOX 360 that got the ring of death after I repaired them.

These 2 bonuses should be sold for at least $100 bucks a pop but this cat is giving them away for FREE!

My final thoughts on James Dean guide is this

If you have the 3 red lights (AKA) Ring of Death problem then “TRUST ME” You don’t need to look any further! James guide covers everything you need to fix your XBOX 360 from A-Z and with ease!

“James Dean 3 Red Light Fix Pro Repair Guide” has my highest recommendation! and by far is the most detailed and comprehensive guide on the net PERIOD!

If you want to get your XBOX 360 fixed within the next hour, then look no further
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Our #1 Pick

Unmatched Quality, , Customer Service & ease of use. Pair this up with with their bonus 720P HD Videos and you get an outrageous value!