The best way to fix your xbox 360

Chris Jones's Repair guide

What I loved about Chris jones’s “XBox 360  3 red lights fix ” Guide

The main thing I loved about “3 red lights fix ” was that it actually fixed my xbox 3 red lights problem! It only took around an hour and a half to fix my console fully.
Chris Jones has a great guide, as last week’s top pick it is almost head to head with the Guide released by James Dean.

This guide also comes with HD videos and a great e-book. The only thing you don’t get with this guide is the great bonuses and the dual state process.

For about 60% of the XBOX 360 owners this guide will do just fine, it did fix one of my XBOX 360s however my second one didn’t get fixed until I tried the second stage by there guide above.

360 Ring of Death Fix has 2 thumbs up from me! Click here to destroy those 3 red lights today!

Another thing I thought was great about this guide was the amount of problems that the guide actually fixes. I’m not gonna be sweating if my disk drive or hard-drive fails, or any other light problem and the E messages are no longer a problem because the guide also comes with mini repair guides for those problems too.

What I did not like about Chris Jones’s “Xbox 360 3 red lights fix ” Guide

The only thing I did not like about “3 red lights fix” was the fact that the written pdf instructions were not in a physcial format. I find it a lot easier to follow instructions when they are on a piece of paper in front of me, and not on a computer screen. I contacted the seller to see if he could print and send me a copy of the instructions, but he refused.

Aside from this, I can honestly say that the contents of this guide was faultless.

My #2 Pick 

Good quality, customer service & ease of use. Pair this up with the bonus Step-by-Step video instructions and you get  outrageous value! at only $23.99

If you want to have a go at repairing your Xbox at home, by yourself, you can do it  this guide.

VISIT THE WEBSITE HERE The Testimonial video made by a happy customer is proof the guide works and works well.